Tennis and Vaughan Wellness Services, LLC

Services offering specialization in substance use and recovery from addiction.


Specific Services include: 

Substance Abuse Specific Assessments

DWI Specific Assessments

Short Term Outpatient Counseling/Treatment

Long Term Outpatient Counseling/Treatment

Wellness Screenings and Coaching

Mindfulness Training/Classes


1250 Revolution Mill Drive

Suite 262

Greensboro, NC 27405

Business Vision:

Amanda Vaughan is the clinical director of Tennis and Vaughan and Katrina Tennis is the operational director.  Both share a common vision Substance Abuse Treatment  and starting earlier this year they decided to put this vision into action.  They are happy to share their vision below:

  • Everyone to be treated with Dignity.
  • Overall wellness and functioning to be the goal, not just reducing symptoms.
  • To use Mindfulness Training as a Core Tool.
  • To Use Evidence-Based methods and models.
  • To provide measurement based care, using a variety of methods to track not only client outcomes and progress but also to strategically develop services.
  • To develop the community around them to encourage more understanding and social support for their clients.


Use Contact form below or call us directly at 918-973-2233.