Why I began Practicing Yoga

Okay it’s 5:50am on a Tuesday.  I just said my mantra and did a couple of sun salutations.  Now I’m going to address the next part of building awareness, answering the question of why I began practicing yoga.

I actually started interest in yoga when I was 16 when I first saw Jan practicing yoga on Three’s Company rerun. (i know I’m dating myself.)  It at the time just seemed exotic and new.  My mom was working at a library and would come home with order forms for new books.  I think I built up quite a yoga collection for our small local library…  Well yoga then took on new meaning when I went to college and actually found a well trained teacher.  I always felt so good after the classes that I think it just sealed my quest to do more.

So since college in 1995, I’ve been on my committed yoga quest which has led me to being a registered yoga instructor and working on a yoga therapist certification.  But besides it feeling good I’m not sure I’ve answered the question yet although in my head that could qualify.  However to elaborate a little more,…  Yoga has given me a road map that makes sense.  A road map to being calm, handling life hardships, handling life joys, finding out what I really like, and staying grounded through it all.  It has given me a feeling of connectedness that has changed my perception of where I fit into this universe and has given me profound comfort in knowing I have a place in it all.  Every time I practice or study yoga, I feel I gain another piece to a puzzle.

There’s so much there and it’s fascinating to me that the development of yoga is so old and so way way before me.  Yoga is a practice that has been tried and tested over and over.  You of course get out of it what you put into it so just a few Sun Salutations in the morning and no other study or practice may not  be life changing but the funny thing about yoga is that once you go down the path a few sun salutations could open the door to something life changing.. And let’s face it,  the bottom line is it just feels good.